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In the early stages of Scouting, Advancement and Merit Badges are separate.
Scouts start at the Scout rank, those that crossed over from Cub Scouts with the arrow of light may quickly move up to the Tenderfoot rank.  The ranks are not associated with age or grade, other then the initial Scout rank.  However, many requirements do have time associated with them.  The ranks increase in difficulty and present new challenges as a scout moves through them. Also available at
Joining Requirements
(Scout Badge)
Tenderfoot Rank Second Class Rank First Class Rank
Merit Badge Requirements begin with the ranks below.  A Scout may earn many of the merit badges required to earn those ranks while earning the ranks above.  In addition, though community service is a big part of scouting, specific hours of community service are not required until a scout reaches the Star rank and beyond.
Star Rank Life Rank Eagle Rank Eagle Palms