Yucca Trail at D-A  
The Yucca Trail is truly a unique program held at D - A; one of the only working scout ranches in the country!.  We are VERY fortunate to have it here locally.  We will have more pictures posted soon from one of this year's Yucca Trail programs. 

What is the Boy Scout Yucca Trail? 
Named after an old west trail in the Southwestern United States, the Boy Scout Yucca Trail gives Scouts, First Class rank and higher (other requirements also apply), the opportunity to spend a few days out on a trail like a cowboy in the old west.  They are assigned a horse, and travel a trail with that horse for a few days.  They are responsible for riding the horse, saddling and unsaddling the horse, and it's general care over those days.  Scouts come from all across the country to attend the Yucca Trail at D - A. 

          Chuck Wagon
D-A Barn